Guide About EAN Barcode



Guide About EAN Barcode


When it comes to selling goods online, especially outside the United States and Canada, you need to have a unique identifier for it. This is where EAN barcodes come in handy. In this guide, I'll share everything you need to know about EAN barcodes, how they work, the difference between EAN and UPC codes, the different types of EAN codes, how they look like, and where to purchase them.

What is an EAN Barcode?

EAN barcodes, commonly referred to as EAN-13 or GTIN-13 originally stood for «European Article Number,» the term has evolved to «International Article Number,» reflecting its global usage. These barcodes are a series of 13 unique digits.

They're not just a random sequence, though; they're a distinct product code that resonates at the point of sale. This makes them ideal for selling your products internationally, fostering seamless transactions across borders.

How Does An EAN Barcode Work?

An EAN barcode is a series of black and white bars that represent a numerical code. Each bar has a specific width and position that corresponds to a digit from 0 to 9. The barcode reader scans the barcode from left to right and decodes the numbers using a standard algorithm.

The first two or three digits of an EAN barcode indicate the country of origin of the product. The next four or five digits identify the manufacturer of the product. The following five digits are the product code, which is assigned by the manufacturer. The last digit is a check digit, which is used to verify the accuracy of the barcode.

Difference Between EAN & UPC Codes

First of all, both EAN and UPC codes are purely barcodes that are used to identify products worldwide. Besides, they have an identical number of bars and spaces, and they encode the exact information. Yet, there is one primary contrast between them: the length of the numbers beneath the bars.

EAN codes have 13 digits, while UPC codes have 12 digits. The additional digit in EAN codes is the country code, which marks where the product was registered. UPC codes do not have a country code, and they are largely employed in the US and Canada. EAN codes are also well-known as GTIN codes or global trade marker numbers.

Different Types Of EAN Codes

There are two major types of EAN codes: EAN-8 and EAN-13. The EAN-8 is an 8-digit code specifically designed for smaller products. It's a rarely used type. It's concise, yet it effectively divulges vital product information, allowing quick identification of a specific product type in a unique packaging configuration.

On the other hand, the EAN-13, as you'd surmise, is a 13-digit code. It's predominantly used by traders and exporters for larger products. This longer code allows for a much broader range of information, proving invaluable when marking products for international trade.

What Does the EAN Barcode Look Like

An EAN barcode is distinctive in its appearance, distinguished by a series of black and white lines. It's a clever blend of ones and zeros, where black lines represent ones and the white lines signify zeros.

Interestingly, this unique code can be read in both directions, and this provides flexibility and ease of use for the scanner. To identify the reading direction, the first digit on the left is always odd. A striking feature of its design, isn't it? This key detail further enhances the barcode's efficiency, making it a reliable tool in the world of international trade.

Where To Purchase EAN Barcodes?

When you're ready to step into the global market, grabbing your EAN barcodes is a breeze. Your one-stop shop is right at your fingertips — the GS1 official store. But guess what? There's another savvy route for you — the resellers!

If you're peddling your products on e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, you can't go wrong with It's not just a handful, but millions of business owners — big and small — are turning to resellers for their EAN barcodes.

Why? Well, resellers offer entirely legitimate, GS1-registered EAN barcodes. No pesky hidden or renewal fees. Once you purchase, they're ready to download and they never expire. Trust me, this is the go-to choice for many European retailers.

So, if you want to sell on online marketplaces and need EAN barcodes, you can purchase legitimate and unique EAN barcodes from

Conclusion — A Few Final Words!

In conclusion, EAN barcodes serve as a critical tool for global commerce, offering a unique identifier for products sold internationally. They work by translating a series of bars into numeric codes, inherently containing valuable product information.

When it's time to step into global trade, EAN barcodes are readily available through GS1 or trusted resellers like Indeed, EAN barcodes are a vital part of global product identification and trade.

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